Jidenna – White Niggas Lyrics

Our people say, some men draw a circle around themselves
Other men draw a circle around their family, hmm?
Then there are also men who have decided to draw their own circle around their kinsmen- their tribe
Are you getting me? Hmm?
But the greatest men – like your uncle – we draw our circle around the circumference of the entire world

Verse 1:
Say if you and your wife, Madeline
Were treated just like mine
All the anchors on ABC Nightline would speak about white crime
We’d see videos every night of handcuffed white boys in the night time
Hope you know how to fight crime
911’s no longer your life line
That’s a ticket to a cell
White Nigga I wish you well
Remember never kiss and tell
Or take a sip from the snitching well
And you will miss the Zinfandel
The lawns and picket fences
Soccer moms and christmas presentS
Goodbye to Martha’s Vineyard
You in a rougher spot here
Reflect on how you got there
The law had you in crosshair
Stop and frisk your kids playing street hockey in lacrosse gear
Son was barely even selling, but when he returns the whole suburb would brandhim as a felon
Can’t get no job, he can’t vote
Family name’s ashamed, though he was targeted, we force him to take the blame
As all the blacks just walk past with their yoga mats
Eating their kale like all’s well in the cul-de-sac

White Ni**as, Whiiiite Ni***aaaaaa
White Ni**as, Whiiiite Ni***aaaaaa
White Ni**as, Whiiiite Ni***aaaaaa
White Ni**as, Whiiiite Ni***aaaaaa

Verse 2:
Bribes and quotas driving the soldiers to harass ‘em
Last week of the month, they seeking the young, sweeping them up in the wagon
And in the subway, everyday, white girls arrested at random
Cops looking for pills, mother be poppin’ so many she never gaggin’
Her life is lagging, wifey has been quite antagonistic
Titties saggin’, kids are naggin’, acting like some bitches
Do some dishes or something
Husband used to do them, yeah, but he’s rarely there
Got various business affairs, busy with affairs
And she’s got her would be career
Percocets are near, some dry gin or Vicodin
She could have predicted that the Feds would come for her just like for him
But she was addicted, the biggest fiends today are white women
Middle aged, middle class as you know
‘Twas the same when they blazed opium back in Jim Crow
Okie doke, smokie smoke
And she need that dopie dope, just to cope
But they’d rather see her in those orange clothes
Where’s the hope, for the

White Ni**as, Whiiiite Ni**aaaaaa
White Ni**as, Whiiiite N***gaaaaaa
White Ni**as, Whiiiite N***gaaaaaa
White Ni**as, Whiiiite Ni***aaaaaa

Verse 3:
They found you out
They surround your house
They caught you while you were knocked, down for the count
And now they coming for ya, make sure you hide your daughter
Her skin is light, her eyes are bluer plus her hair is blonder
They known for killing those children, and they’ll just get acquitted
Claiming the girl is armed, though they know damn well she isn’t
That’s why some girls are picking up the heat
And that leads to all the white-on-white crime flooding the streets
Suddenly there’s a…
[*Knocking of Police*]
“Columbia Police search warrant!
Columbia Police search warrant!”
[*Knocking of Police*]
“Kick it open”
They kick in the door, knocking over your golf clubs
Poppin’ your dog up in the mug, spilling your Napa Valley
Wine all over all your Persian rugs, now her blood is boiling
They rush her while she flushing all her drugs down the toilet

White B**ches, Whiiiite N***aaaaaa
White B**ches, Whiiiite Ni***aaaaaa
White Ni**as, Whiiiite Ni***aaaaaa
White Ni**as, Whiiiite Ni***aaaaaa

Jidenna – White Niggas Lyrics


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