Federal University of Technology Owerri imo state temporarily Shut down till further notice on 17th February 2017 after the peaceful riot by the aggrieved Students gone beyond peaceful. The proposed peaceful riot by the students gone beyond peaceful which lead to the destruction of FUTO ICT building, Diamond bank and Onwuliri Conference Centre and Seats in Classrooms and halls broken by the Aggrieved Students. DSS spraying Tear Gas and Arresting Students and School Hostel Administrators locking down the hostels and telling the Students to vacate from the hostels with their properties.
The protest also involved broken of windows of lecture halls, Laptops stolen from FUTO ICT Unit, windscreens of FUTO buses broken, Street lights broken and the school properties vandalized by the aggrieved Students. The Vice Chancellor of the school Prof F.C Eze was said to have flee from the school premises. The Protest is said to be one of the biggest riot ever heard of in FUTO. Efforts to stop the protest by the School Man’O war and Police officers and efforts to reach the SUG Officials as regard to the riot proved Abortive. Former SUG PRO by name Comrade Rochas Ogbonna being arrested for leading the protests and Students Law Makers on the quest to impeach the SUG President Comrade Nnaemeka Akano for not capable of governing the Students.
The reasons for the protests by the students was said to be :
1. Increment in School Fees by 40%
2. Returning students cannot have access to school accommodation unless he/she pays his/her school fees
3. Denial of School WiFi connectivity over the years of which ten thousand naira is been added to the School fees for WIFI services and being paid by the students.
4. Mandate to pay the increases school fees on or before 17th February 2017 otherwise pay a penalty of ten thousand naira for late payment or stand the chance not to sit for the semester examination.
5. Paying of transport within school via school buses but haven’t seen or enter any bus
6. Graduates of 2016 to pay extra Five thousand naira for school fees
7. Increment in price for Course Registration


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