Lil Snupe - Do It Like This Lyrics

Lil Snupe – Do It Like This Lyrics

[Lil Snupe]
DC We the Motherfucking Mob
I said i’m finally in the game then you can call it complete
I got niggas with the heat
You play with us then we won’t sleep
Young niggas they about that action
You play nigga get deceased
Come at you, you come at me
Swear to God we in the streets
I’m young ass nigga chasing my dream

Finally made it to the top
Nigga I started out from the block
But I swear to God that I won’t stop
Cause i’m Dreamchaser i’m bout the paper
Young nigga I got it

Them racks off in my closet, my wallet, my pocket
I’m a Young nigga I own it
I swear to God that i want it
In the studio from the night time to the morning nigga i’m on it
My mama tellin’ me i’m gettin’ it
I tell my mom I get it

Just to make sure in a couple year that we right on we living
I’m a Lousiana youngin’ and I’m about the money
I gotta get it everyday nigga know that i’m coming
I’m out here getting this money, i’m doing this for my youngin’
I’m running this shit nigga it ain’t no fuckin’ funny



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