Meek Mill – Power 105.1 Freestyle Lyrics

[Verse 1: Meek Mill]

I can never lose, chess or checkers make a move
Drippin’ in them jewels like I just got out the pool
Skinny nigga sittin’ on that money like the jews
Only time we make it to the TV if it’s the news
We was tryna make it out them trenches, you dig?
Young niggas trappin’ out them benches, you dig?
You gon’ be a felon or a witness, you dig?
All this money, murderin’ is senseless, it is
Fuck ’em and tell ’em if I ain’t gon’ feed ’em
All this money I’m gettin’, prolly ain’t gon’ need ’em
Niggas said that we beefin’, prolly ain’t gon’ see ’em
I’m just pushin’ them buttons on ’em and they gon’ leave him
That’s that drumma sound, drumma sound
Bodies droppin’ in the summer now, don’t come around
I’m in Philly where niggas totin’ them millies
They pop ’em just like they wheelies
You suckers’ll never feel me, I understand it
Pitch the rock we never underhand it
Clear-port we got another landin’
Touchdown in Miami another Patek that’s another Grammy
I never put the money over family
Pussies they forever fear me
That money made me a monster
No more noodles we eatin’ pasta
Dick [?] rappers they eat lobster
We been eatin’ steak nigga we mobsters

[Verse 2: Mel Love]
We Dreamchasers, laser that beam-chaser
We need paper, scrapers, I’m speed racer
Told that bitch [?]
80 niggas so fake, they out of order
Hold the work it could swim and take all the water
[?] motherfuckin’ the [?] shark in the water
We done came from all the muscle
My nigga came from a quarter
To a motherfuckin’ stone, puttin’ in a order
Or puttin’ niggas on order
Serve the work up out the drop I’m puttin’ in on the order
Tryna get this rap money, and stack it like trap money
But others like crack money
Let’s get that work from the border
Tryna line up and get it, [?]
I’ma line up all my nigga and fuck it I won for them
What I want for myself and fuck it don’t need no help
All that we ever had, we all that we ever got
Came from onions and soda
Baking soda and pots
Arm and Hammer that’s yolla, tryna bang on the block
Workin’ shifts on the boat, runnin’ around the clock
But fuck it I’ve been so hot
Send all these niggas Chasers the squad
I be different the fuck off my dick
I’m in my nine niggas trippin’
Gon’ slide on who, niggas weak
And I don’t fear no man so let’s beef nigga

[Verse 3: Meek Mill]
Its a war goin’ outside nobody safe from
Layin’ where its no opportunity had to make some
Said it wasn’t room in them rooms had to take some
When I got my foot in the door brought my day ones
A1s and they got tecs like Draymond
Chef like Raekwon, in the kitchen with napalm flame shit
Bad bitch with me gettin’ her slay on
Let me in this bitch I’ma stay on
Any nigga in the way we’ll pull that k on
Fill his clothes up with holes tell him get his J on, Yeezus
I’m too rich to be this reckless
Spent two bricks just on my necklace, I’m just coutin’ my blessings
Young nigga started with nothin’ cause I was destined
Fuck nigga runnin’ the game I can’t accept it
Think about it, now that Trump won the election
They gon’ try and box us out like the Mexicans, ándale
Runnin’ the ye, see the cops go the other way
I just bought my dawg a brick like the other day
He couldn’t get his momma nothin’ on Mother’s Day
So I put him on help him get his money straight, that’s gang
Let me get it
Niggas say they be with me, but I don’t be with niggas
Diamonds shinin’ like a [?] all my pieces hitin’ lit
Them niggas broke they can’t be beefin’ with us
Put some respect up on my name all tree them niggas
I got a fetish for Lamborghinis and fettuccine
Bad bitches that never see me want to double team me
Triple double get what I want like I own a genie
Aladdin, my bitch look like Jasmine
Fuckin’ with that nigga and you know he told
I’m the realest nigga on the totem pole
Chasin’ down the money ’til I overload
Two bad bitches on the menu I take both of those
I don’t care if they was real sisters
Niggas broke talkin’ like they real niggas

Meek Mill – Power 105.1 Freestyle Lyrics


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