David Sean – Am Crazy Lyrics


Hauka NE, see that’s how crazy I am
My the rings bell, you can call me Graham
Lyrical flow fresh and clean like a baby
Am dope shut the hell I say nobi Maybe
Shout out to the god Lord TR

Legend wey first Murder this Beat, you’re a murderer
Pray you captain and last long like John Terry
I bet make everyday be your Christmas make you dey Merry
Craziness is official, I need no referee in control of my game like a Referee

I ball all night in the club some call me Dundee
Balling everyday sef, some dey call me Grundy
Small and funny flows but am not Emmanuela
But dem dey feel me cos Angel don Mark me Naw
Going crazy am that clown without Tegaa,
Ama superstar mehn, I just wanna be Mega
Anything I love now, hip-hop and my Mama
Up and coming but am heading for the Mama,
Flows are deadly Koreans call it Mama
Incurable and I got no cure even for Canada


Made my first drop, Taking over was all Over
Scored my first Goal so it wasn’t over
Swords in my hands fast fist like a drill
Am small I fit a Clark?? While am running my Ville
Am wrapping out today like I got no Tomorrow

Man of the city, call me Aguero
Am feeling like a Boss, oh am bouncing,
Since 11, everyday I’ve been Winning
Bros Chill, pls why you hating??
I said stop hating cos am still eighteen

Never try to Mess with me even if you get the guts
Because I got the backing and anointing of the gods
Shout out to the Son of John Legend A-Q
King slayer king maker omo Na you
Lord Gedes I do call him Achilles
If you mess with him then you Messing with Syphilis
I nobi SDC but I go Show Dem
I nobi Lord V but my gang go pepper dem
I nobi Erigga, still my Song dey Suffer dem
Am Boogey’s first name so any Goliath I go kill Dem

David Sean – Am Crazy Lyrics


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