Chris Brown – Section One Hundred Billion Lyrics

(Verse 1: )
I don’t know how to do this shit
I wake up and just do this shit
HoodyBaby, I’m too legit
I’m the Boss, I made Hugo quit
I pull up in a 2 door whip
Make you go sick
Flip a brick, kick a brick
That judo shit
My ni**as is serious
You ni**as delirious
No stoppin’ us, period
I live at the dealership
Angry, a ni**a rich
We want the bigger fish
Choppin’ ’til I chop with the mafia
Ask in my section, we popular
Popavich, we poppin’ shots

(Verse 2: )
Pull up with the OHB, I mean war
I mean war, big russ war
Big russ wanna lick down your car
See me with the gang, better know that squad

(Verse 3:)
If these ni**as talkin’ reckless, see ’em on my necklace
100 round drum, ni**as gon’ respect us
Mob ties, yeah I’m heavy with these accents
Hit the UK, I’m mobbin’ with the Section
Out here ballin’ since a adolescent
I was 15 when I start finessin’
Told a teacher fuck her math lesson
I was juggin’ through the whole class session

(Verse 4: )
Trap money, I’m a trapper
My young boy was a Rihanna
Flash a blockia like a camera
Slap slap, that’s the hammer
Count grand to my nana’s
Sucky sucky, from [?]

(Verse 5:)
I ain’t endin’ a passer
Pass up if I catch a brack, you go back up
Get me down, I get back up
Yo mi casa es su casa

(Verse 6: )
6 man in the van, that’s gang in the pan
That’s maceroni and pasta
Bring a ni**a from a [?]
Girl climb on, know you want a ladder

(Verse 7: )
And keep climbin’
Cause she a bad bitch with her manner
I know a mad man with a dagger
That says, “F**k feds and they camera”
Trappin’, pick up a brick
Rip it in bits, gone
I’m really livin’ this shit
Pick up a stick
You could see smoke like a bong

(Verse 8: )
Peng peng, wanna get groovy
Man I turn your girl to a groupie
Go ratchet tings too bougie
With a big b**ty and boobies
See the big tour man move bookies
Old school, mad bros, no new Gs
Roll with a clip like the movies
Man I kick man down like Bruce Lee

(Verse 9:)
I got all these bitches, they [?]
They ain’t want me then but they want me now
Got that killer swag, watch ’em mime my style
I done stacked up a milli from petty crime
Got some new shoes off some new shit
This flow is like water need crew ships
My life is a movie, take your flick
It’s a foreign bi**h cause

(Verse 10: )
They know I’m flexin’
OHB and Section
.40 for protection
Hood stay connected
Blue b***hes, we the 100 gang
Couple JLos, I’m a money train
Ni**a been fresh, feds watchin;
Diamonds dancin’ like a Jabbawockee
Your b**ch ride me like a Kawasaki
It’s Fresh, Hoody, it’s [?]

Chris Brown – Section One Hundred Billion Lyrics


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