Yeah,It’s YMA4.I got ma nigga MayMan (haha) A4(yo)what’s this
you know what it is homie haha


im down on ma knees and I’m praying for ma Gs cuz I don’t know where they’re where they’reX2
(Young Mahasi)

Uh,uh it’s YMA4 y’all know we in tha game, we killing everybody cuz y’all know we in tha fame(yeah)
I know I used to be with you in tha game everytime when I used to stand on ma time{uh, uh} till dan on ma time {uh, uh} I told you that im in tha game,
cuz we popping everything that comes to tha game(haha) cuz im getting all tha’em niggaz that comes to tha game I got ma nigga A4, he use to tell me nigga,now I don’t apologize.
baby gul I don’t apologize
cuz I know I’m pretty good, buh I don’t forget buh I hate to forget!
buh you told me that I’m gettin’money niggaz wann get tha money,niggaz wann get tha pretties’niggaz wann get me,me me, like a pretty kno,knob


No more apologies meet tha geologists
YMA4 we tha realGs
never go wron’lady, one time baby
You better be ashamed about what you’ve done.


KayBee on tha nation,
A4 on tha mansion,
YM has vision,
This is a combination,not a conversation.
nigga pay attention, yes im tha best, yes im tha best cuz I bring tha best

Sssssame shit, same shit, same apologies buh I ain’t apologize, you got me lil’wron’cuz ain’t now apologize wen it comes to tha (wen it cumz to’em)……
YMA4 touch that leave that
I’ll never stare it again, buh i’ll do stir again nigga we tha realGs.
and we ain’t do apology,
tryna get it down, get it down
like I did make it down, tryna get tha gown never put me down.
why you think you know me gul,
make a truce (make a a a a)



uhaauhaaa, it’s been bout time since I told ya bout a loophole(really), buh it seems like you ain’t understand you know(hahaha)
buh I think you’re kina like curious(haha nah)
now I just rather say


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