Research is fundamentally all about problems solving. We are surrounded by various problems. Simple, complex, or even complicated. Our daily life is all about problem solving. But not all problems deserves to be researched. Every problem solving comes from a careful observation. Research therefore involves careful calculation and systematic engagement, or systematic organization and adherence to a procedure in problem solving.

Problem solving can be purely mechanical, it can be an art. Research can also be regarded as a specialized and systematic engagement whichnhasnlife of its own, as well as rules and procedures. In summary, research can be defined as any organized inquiry that aims at solving problem. There are basic instruments anyone who aims to conduct a research must know and make use in order for his work to be certified as a good research. They are:

  • SCIENTIFICITY: A good research process is one that adopts a scientific technology and procedures in search of knowledge about problems at hand. Scientificity in this context implies that the research must be carefully done and final result should be the sole target of the researcher. The degree which the condition is met depends on the field of study and the tools of inquiry acceptable in that field.

  • LOGICAL SEQUENCE AND CONSISTENCY: A good reserch is one that possess internal consistency and follows sequential order. It starts with problem identification and end with finding of solution.

  • TRUTH AND OBJECTIVITY:  Almost all researchers go into the field with the purpose of finding the truth about a subject matter. But research is not only about establishing the truth. It is better to think research about the rigour, reliability, professionalism and honesty.

  • NEUTRALITY: For a research to be certified good , the researcher must avoid personal beliefs, prejudices and expectations creekimg into findings and analysis of the research project.

  • MOTIVATION: Research is a social activity driven by the researcher’s own motivation and zeal.

  • THESIS: In most cases, a researcher embarks on his project with a particular belief, that is with a particular thesis. A thesis statement declares what a researcher belief in or intends to prove.

  • AUDIENCE & RULES: A research can be certified good when it has the audience in mind. Every work has a targeted section of the audience. This is defined by their age, class, profession, religion and ideology. All these must be carried out in accordance with the rules guiding research universally.


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