Jazz Cartier – How Did I Get This Deep (Lyrics)

[Verse 1 – Jazz Cartier]
Mama said “Never take advice from a n—a with no money”
This is my world, don’t tell me how to run it
Old n—-s, washed up, Joe Budden
Got enough to feed the needy, tell that n—a hold something
New n—a, Coupe sicker
Pull up and the roof’s missing, two b—–s
They know a n—a do business
That wolf Chris is
Got maids that’ll fry chicken and do dishes
Now they know the wave is hot, the face is hot
Watching all the rings I got and chains I cop
Cartier frames on watch
I made a lot from days
Had to make the wop to make the drop
N—-s know
There comes a time in your life, you gotta sacrifice
I’m paralyzed in the parasites when I pay em no mind
From paradise, I’m playing this s–t to paradigm
Dropped “Paranoia” and started having the fear of god

[Pre-Hook/Chorus – Kafaye]
I’m running round round round
I’m running round round round

[Verse 2 – Jazz Cartier]
I learned a lot about your early 20s
You’re never full until the glass is empty
We used to round up change just to eat at Wendy’s
But s–t I’m tryna count change in the back of Bentleys
All hunnids, no twenties
F–k rapping, gotta make it as a man
Came out of my depression and I blamed it on the fans
The anxiety was killing me
Burn a couple bridges started drinking past my limit
Then s–t got real for me
Let ’em know you was a missed thing
I still play it back and I skip tracks
If it’s an ‘L’ then I’ll hold that
But not forever, its the get back
Started peeling back layers to my soul
F–k the fame, I don’t even wanna make it as a whole
Suits getting in the way, Cuzzi had to take control
And from here on out, it’s a go. JLF

[Hook/Chorus – Kafaye]
I’m running round round round
Stepped in the club it was crazy
I wonder why these n—-s hate me
Probably my all-black Mercedes
.45, never on safety
Not even Jesus can save me
Not even Jesus can save me

[Outro – Jazz Cartier & Kafaye]
How did I get this deep?
10 toes in my sneaks
2 feet in the streets
1 hand on my gun
How did I get this deep? “it’s ok, I promise”
Before all of the tours
In Toronto, was pure
All the ? on Bloor
It was our lovesick
And we didn’t want no cure “can you feel it”
Well me at least
How did I get this deep?
“im running round n round”
Do you still love it
All i wanted was peace
They just wanted a piece
Now I got blood on the leaves
From the killing machines
How did I get this deep?
How did we get so deep?

“Not even Jesus can save me”

Jazz Cartier – How Did I Get This Deep (Lyrics)


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