Chief Ralph Uwazuruike the leader of Biafra Independence Movement (BIM) and Founder of Movement for Actualization of Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB), yesterday took a swipe at President  Muhammadu Buhari on his nationwide broadcast and his position on Nigeria’s unity saying that nobody can stop God’s plan for Biafra’s  Independence from Nigeria.

Chief Ralph Uwazuruike who spoke through the BIM’s Director of Information, Chris Mocha at their Regional office, Umueri, Anambra East Council shortly after its monthly meeting said his group had taken up the challenges of fear and intimidation by the Hausa and Yoruba people against Ndigbo.

He frowned at a situation where it is only the Igbo leaders that fight for the unity of Nigeria and also beg to be  president.

The Igbo leader boasted that MASSOB-BIM had been able to restore the dignity of the Igboman, stating that it is only the Igbo that is always schemed out in vital organs of government in the country and readily accepts to work for the Hausa and Yoruba against a fellow Igboman for peanuts as rewards but dumped after being used.

“We have taken up the challenge against fear, the challenge against wanton pogrom, challenge to show the way and challenge against the enemies of Ndigbo in Nigeria” he said.

The MASSOB –BIM leader said that for the past 18 years of the founding of MASSOB, it had taken the challenge to actualize Biafra without violence, stressing that his members do not want to be president or do they intend to be ministers, ambassadors or Nigerian merit award holders in Nigeria and have nothing to lose about the country.


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