Lara George – Imela (Lyrics)

Lara George – Imela Lyrics

Lara George – Imela ( Lyrics)

Imela (3x)
(Thank You)

Verse 1:
The way You rule over the waters
You rule over my life
And when You speak
Every storm will cease
So when You enter into my matter
You cause every doubt to scatter
You make me always want to sing
Imela (Thank You)

Imela (3x) (Repeat)
(Thank You)

Verse 2:
Yay (4x)
My eyes have seen
Yay (4x)
The goodness of God
Yay (4x)
I cannot describe
Yay (4x)
All I want to do is sing Imela
Imela (Thank You)

Repeat Chorus

Thank You thank You Papa ye
Papa ye Papa ye (Repeat section 4x)

Repeat Chorus

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